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Teaching Resources
  MingChuan University
  Books and audio-visual resources
(1) Books
The department submits book purchase request to the University’s library. Students can borrow books via internet or in person.
(2) Teaching DVDs and dissertations
The departmental library collects teaching DVD and undergraduate thesis that students can borrow.
  Learning spaces
(1) Classrooms for general purpose:
  • All classrooms are air-conditioned equipped with additional fans. Computer, projectors, microphones, and amplifiers are available in every classroom. Screens are also integrated into one control station.
  • Wireless online service is available throughout the campus. In addition, the department has computerized classrooms, audio-visual classrooms, and multi-media classrooms.
  • (2) Professional laboratories
    The department has three professional laboratories:
    I. Electronic enterprise lab, with the objective of promoting education in E-business, construct e-business teaching environment, promoting the e-business education program, and help students attain relevant professional certificates.
    II. Entrepreneur and placement lab, equipped with lattices to display commodities, computer systems, and POS system to handle transactions.
    III. Logistics lab, equipped with logistics models and picking systems used for classes related to logistics management.
    (3) Student activity space
    Student activity space includes two meeting rooms, panel discussion room, local Taiwanese master student research lab, IMBA student research lab, doctoral student research lab, and EMBA student research lab. This department has eight e-classrooms, three laboratories, one case study classroom for the use of students and faculty members.
    E-classroom1.2-5 floor, F building
    2.3-6 floors, JiHe campus
    1. 7 for the Department of Business Administration
    2. facilities on JiHe campus are open for public
    e-business labF5091
    Logistics labF508-11
    Entrepreneurial and placement labF508-21
    Case study discussion roomF3011
    Panel discussion rool4th floor, Building F2
    Graduate student research labJiHe campus4
    Teachers’ research lab1.4th floor, Building F
    2.JiHe Campus
    1.Every teacher is equipped with one research lob for a total of 34 labs
    2. 6 research labs for teachers on JiHe campus
      Hard and software
    The e-business lab has 95 desktop PCs with web servers
    The university offers teaching software for general purposes, such as statistical packages and antivirus soft wares.
    This department also possess professional teaching soft wares:
    01Boss business operation simulation system
    02ERP web version with no user-limit
    03Office automation system web version with no user-limit
    04High efficiency data mining system
    05Limdep V8.0 Management decision system
    06Optimizing planning software— What’s Best
    07e-SCM Supply Chain Management
    08Data system( a Taiwan-based MNC) ERP
    11Data system( a Taiwan-based MNC) e-commerce system
    12Data system( a Taiwan-based MNC) e-procurement system
    13Data system( a Taiwan-based MNC) process control engine
    14Flex Sim
    15Human resource management software
    16TRADOS 7 Team
    17Oracle EBS 15User
    20WF ERP
    213D-CAD modeling system
    223D-CAD analysis software
    23Production simulation software
    25SPSS Base
    27SPSS Amos/Win 16.0
    30Comprehensive Meta-Analysis 2
    31NVivo 8.0
    32Microsoft Project
    33Investment Advisor
    34Extended Lindo API 6.0
    35Workflow ERP
    36Logistics Master
    38DEA Frontier Analyst
    40TreeAgo Pro
    423D dynamic operation interactive game teaching software
    43Oracle ERP financial management modules
    44Oracle ERP production management modules
    45200 sets of simulated stock exchange system, with web account and services
      Digital learning platform
    (1) Moodle teaching platform:
    This platform provides a venue of interactive digital learning for the students and faculty. Teachers can interact with students via the Moodle platform to display learning material, allow students to submit homework, provide real time Q&A, and save teaching materials.
    (2) Hard disk on cloud and classrooms on cloud:
    1. Internet hard-disk on cloud: students can log on to the Moodle platform, which contains learning materials. Such arrangement enhances students’ learning performance.
    2. Multiple teaching soft wares, including Adobe, Visual Studio, SPSS, Office, TQC and it audio-visual version.
    3. Classroom on cloud offers Adobe, CS5, ERP, Eview, JAVA, and SAS, five on-line labs.