IMBA Graduate Program Guidelines - Ming Chuan University (MCU) - Department of Business Administration
1. The IMBA graduate program guidelines are designed for IMBA students at MCU. Students should follow these guidelines during their study at MCU.

2. IMBA students for graduation should pass oral defense and meet professional capability requirements. To apply for Thesis Proposal, students should get credits (with scored of higher than 70) of the following pre-required courses: Accounting, and Statistics, these courses can be waiving from collegial course.

3. New students need to obtain permission from their class advisor for their new class schedule before the official class registration. Current students must obtain permission from their major professor for the new class schedule before the official class registration.

4. All MCU full-time faculties are qualified to be major professors. MCU part-time faculties are qualified to be major professors with the condition that students find another MCU full-time faculty as a co-instructor.

5. Students must choose their major professor and report to the school prior to the end of the 1st year. After the department approves and issues the hiring letter to the professor, students should not request for change unless special condition applies, which must be approved by the major professor and the chairman of the department.

6. Students must complete at least 24 credits before proposing the research proposal for the thesis.

7. Graduate students must complete at least 30 credits before applying for the official review of the first manuscript of their thesis.

8. Students need to fulfill at least 3 credits per semester. Students who have had suspension exceeding two years do not need to follow this limitation.

9. Students must complete at least 43 credits, before graduation.

10. Graduate Degree Examiner Committee should be formed by 3 to 5 people. Examiners from outside of the school should reside at least one third of the committee. The committee list should be recommended by the chairman of the department. After the list is approved by the president of MCU, an oral examination will be scheduled. The examinee’s major professor can not be the convener of this oral examination.

11. Issues that are not included in these guidelines would be managed based on the MCU’s regulations.

12. All of the above guidelines have been reviewed and approved by the School of Management and Academic Affairs Division at MCU.